The Hole Quality Left Hand Reef

The Hole Surf Spot

Another very hollow left off a small island in the southern end of the Mentawais. Starts barreling right at the takeoff and never really stops until a closeout section hits the end of the reef. The Hole is a quality left hand reef that offers up a deep, super hollow, and very shallow barrel. The waves require a lot of skill to surf here and break for up to 50 meters over a coral reef.

The drop is steep and goes right in to the barrel, get out before the bone crunching closeout section.

Gets good between chest high and double overhead. We recommend riding a shortboard then step up as the size picks up. This break is suitable for advanced and pro level surfers. The surf here is pretty fickle (3/10) and will generally be uncrowded (3/10). The best winds are from the East or Northeast. The best swells are from the South and Southwest. Works on a low to mid tide best tides.

Consistency of swells are only recorded for a swell with a period of more than 7 seconds. It also shows the peak, shoulder and off peak seasons for surfing at The Hole. We recommend wearing boardshorts or a bikini year round. Water temperatures range from 28 to 25 year round. See the temperature chart below for more data on this.