Telescopes consistent long barrel

Telescopes Surf Spot

Telescopes needs a decent sized west swell to start doing its thing. Though not as consistent as the other breaks in the area, a session at firing Teles will remain imprinted on your mind long after you’ve left the Mentawais.

Picture perfect, Telescopes consistently offers a long barrel section that is open to a wide variety of surfing abilities.  Located just a few miles south of Suicides, off Cape Kinilok on Sipura Island.  All things considered, Telescopes is one of the mellower barrel options for this section of the Ments.  Read on to learn when, where, and how to surf Telescopes.

Rifles Playground, it’s one of the best waves on the planet.

A well known world class wave that draws surfers from all over the world. Expect a steep drop in, near perfect barrel which opens up to a clean, steep shoulder ripe for maneuvers. A surprisingly deep coral shelf sits under the break and offers a bit of forgiveness you won’t find from other waves on this list. On a good day, you can expect 200 metres of thigh burning goodness. Can hold surf up to triple overhead but be ready for strong currents and the occasional clean-up set. Overall, Telescopes should definitely be on your list of places to surf in the Central Mentawais.

Telescopes is another break accessible only by boat.

There are a few accommodation options nearby but you’d still expect a long paddle from the southern edge of the island to reach the lineup. Boat is your best bet.