Scarecrows super consistent left

Scarecrows Surf Spot

Another small swell left that can also hold some size. Scarecrows, sometimes referred to as Franko’s or Diablo’s, has the ability to spread out crowds with its several different take off spots. It is not a picture perfect Indonesia reef break because it shifts around depending on swell direction, size and currents.

The waves here can get pretty heavy and break for up to 50 meters over a coral reef. Gets good between waist high and double overhead. We recommend riding a shortboard then step up as the size picks up. This break is suitable for intermediate and advanced level surfers. The surf here usually has a wave (5/10) and will generally be uncrowded (3/10). The best winds are from the Southeast. The best swells are from the Southwest. Works on a mid to high tide best.

A Frame: A Frame is one of the most consistent lefts in the Mentawai Islands.

One of the least hyped up waves, Scarecrows is a super consistent left, located off a beautiful tropical island. It’s neighbouring wave Telescopes gets all the plaudits while this superb left often gets overlooked especially when the surf gets bigger. The wave has several easy entry take off spots, so it holds and spreads out a crowd very well. Best on a dropping high tide with the end section named the Curry Bowl the pick of the wave for barrel riders.

Scarecrow’s certainly has many faces but during the main season it will offer quality waves on a daily basis. Rides of over 200 yards can be had quite consistently with its end section delivering a tasty inside barrel. As with most breaks in the area, the wave is surfed ideally on a fuller tide.