Rifles playground (Kandui Right)

Rifles Playground

Long, fast and hollow, Rifles is a natural footers dream wave. On a good day, Rifles may be the best wave in the world.

A clear open barrel at lightning speed careens down a long line of live coral reef off the eastern edge of Pulau Karangmajat, the opposite side to Kandui, Karangmajats other world-famous wave. There isn’t another island on the planet that can claim the calibre of two world-class waves, in the form of a right and left such as Rifles and Kandui.

Inexperienced reef surfers should keep well clear of Rifles and experts. Should be prepared for maintaining high speeds to stay ahead of Rifles tube spit. Recommended board is super fast board good for barrels. Advice to go fast and never give up going through inside the section that come ahead. Even on the inside the wave has excellent sections and can be surfed in any part of the reef.

Since early/middle 1990′s surfers visiting the Mentawai Islands to experience untouched rainforest.

In the channel, you can undoubtedly tell that Rifles is a powerful and hollow wave that could serve you up with a barrel of a lifetime. However, from the angle you anchor up in, you can’t tell how ridiculously fast and long Rifles is. But once you paddle into your first one, drop in and gun it for the green room. Quickly learn that the foam ball is always right on your heels. Be prepared for long hollow barrels and the odd surprise unmakeable section that shuts down. Keep your eyes out for northwest winds, strong south swell, and overhead to double overhead conditions.

Although there is a significant channel in the reef to the south of Rifles that has been carved out by the river mouth on the southeastern edge of Pulau Karangmajat and another channel to the north of Rifles on the more sheltered side of the island you will be accessing this wave by boat. Before paddling out into the lineup, take your time to watch a few sets from the channel on the northern side of Rifles where you’ll anchor up.

The beach on Karangmajat Island consists of a thin strip of beautiful white sand beach, scattered with coral and seashells.

Source: www.surfindonesia.com