No Kanduis world class

No Kanduis

Considering No Kandui only works about ten times per year, the wait was worth it.

No Kandui is one of the heaviest, barreling left-hand waves in the world, breaking over a razor-sharp shallow coral reef. Inspiring a mix of respect and fear in experienced surfers, the difficulty and danger of this wave are for expert surfers only. When waves break the atmosphere is truly amazing.

Located in the North Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, No Kandui is a world-class left-hand reef break that offers several sections that almost (and sometimes) go too fast over seemingly endless reefs. The waves here are challenging to catch and surf, breaking up to 300 meters over sharp coral.

Hundreds of “world-class” reef and beach breaks exists up here, making it one of the most surf-infested regions in the world.

The thunderous noise of the wave crashing, the tremendous volume of water moving, and the people in the boats cheering every surfer that makes it out the barrel – it is all sensory overload and nothing short of exhilarating. Seeing No Kandui alive and kicking was a dream come true. I full-heartedly recommend to all surfers to make a trip to the Mentawai Islands the priority on their bucket list.

What are the best surfing conditions for No Kandui?

Gain advantage between head high and triple overhead. We recommend riding a shortboard, step up, or pistol as the size increases. This break is suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. The waves here don’t break very often (3/10) and it’s usually not crowded (3/10). The best winds come from the Southeast. The best waves come from the Southwest. Works at mid to best high tides.