Lance’s Right Iconic

Lance’s Right Surf Spot

A common surfer magazine cover, or more-likely centrefold, Lance’s Right is likely to impress even the most well-travelled surfers. Read on to learn more about what makes Lance’s Right an iconic surf spot and when to catch it at its best.

A short, perfect barrel complete with the renowned surgeons table which should be avoided at all costs. Lance’s Right is the world-class break of this part of the world. The Office is the farthest section of the reef which offers a quick drop and deep barrel for expert surfers.

The Main Peak, which follows The Office, is an open wall which shoots surfers over the shallow inside section known as Surgeons Table. If you’re looking to work your way through maneuvers towards the Surgeons Table, you’ll need to wait out a decent sized swell (6-8 feet). Otherwise, you can expect each section to break separately with a small channel between each break.

Lance’s Right is easily accessible via the southwestern side of Sipura Island. Hollow Tree resort and Ombak Losmen’s are located just steps from the beach at Lance’s Right. This isn’t to say that the paddle is the best course of access. Still easily accessible by boat from all over the Mentawais and you can save your arms for catching waves.