Lance’s Left hander waves

Lance’s Left Surf Spot

Long left-hander with two barrels sections. Loves any size swell.

This reef/point break has plenty to offer surfers looking to ride for upwards of a quarter-mile. Offering a thick-lipped barrel section up the reef and long, fast walls for big turns, with the occasional soft shoulder down the reef towards inside.  While not exactly forgiving, or gentle by any means is recommended for experienced surfers.

While not exactly the most famous wave in this part of the Mentawais. Lance’s Left wraps around the point of Sipura Island via three predictable sections. Each section has its own flare and changes from a heaving barrel to a soft and lumpy walled section.

Bank Vaults: A shorter chunkier version of Rifles.

With too much swell you can expect deceivingly unmakeable hollow barrels. For ideal conditions, keep your eye on the forecast for a rising mid-tide coinciding with anything chest high to double overhead. Expert tip: Steer clear of the inside when big and keep your eye out for the keyhole in the reef when paddling out or in.

There’s a small keyhole in the reef that you can follow to the line-up if you get caught inside. You’ll need to take a few on the head before getting back out to the channel. Definitely best approached from the outside by boat, especially under larger conditions.