Iceland – Jekyll & Hyde waves

Iceland Surf Break

Icelands as most of the other waves in the zone is a left and is possibly the most ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ like wave in the Mentawais.

When everywhere in the chain is flat you can still pull up at Icelands and get a head high wave with a lazy but whack-able wall. With a big west swell everyone is getting excited about Telescopes. The Ice turns into a monster with barrels big enough to drive the speedboat through.

The Mentawai Islands are such a great place for surf with classic waves breaking in crystal clear and warm water.

The name relates to the watercolor after the wave breaks, leaving a fizz of air bubbles in the water.

For far longer than in other places, the peak shifts and getting caught inside are just part of the fun. North to North East winds or flat calm are the only times you will see the best of this wave, but it can turn on some incredible sessions.

The swell magnet of the area, Icelands is a left with many faces. An easy going west peak is fun, but the main part of the waves loves the south swell angle producing a solid drop, barrel section, and bowl at the end. can be quite heavy in