Hideaways Surf Spot

Hideaways Surf Spot

A very hollow left that can be very shallow at low tide. The waves come out of deep water and then unload on a shallow section of reef before barreling towards the channel.

At Hideaways, different conditions provide a wide variety of wave types. Some days barrels are long, deep and fast, while other days barrels can be bowly moving slowly down the reef making good practice for dragging under the hood to position yourself nicely. If you’re an advanced surfer, you will sit further up the lineup on the ledge where Hideaways barrels long and deep over shallow reef.

Less experienced surfers sit further down the reef where the wave mellows out, providing a lip to hit and shoulder to cut back on.

Hideaways is one of the cleaner and gnarlier breaks you’ll find in the area. A hollow barrel, this break opens to a steep shoulder bowling left towards the channel. Keep your eye on the forecast for a solid West swell with a short period. If this coincides with light wind, you can expect near perfect conditions. Beware of low tides as the shallow section of coral heads below has been known to claim a few heads. Great for expert surfers. Intermediate surfers should take caution, and beginner surfers should head elsewhere.

Unless you’re staying at the WavePark Resort (just a 5 minute walk down the beach from Hideaways), you’ll have to access Hideaways by boat. A quick ride Southwest of Masokut Island or North of Karangmajat Island will leave you in this near-perfect wave. Steer clear of this break at low tide unless you know how to stay off the reef.

Source: www.surfindonesia.com