A Frame Mentawai Wave (John Candy)

A Frame Mentawai Wave

A frames, also know as John Candy, is located in front of one of the most beautiful islands of the Mentawais. Very consistent, shifty peaks with two main sections, one mushier on the outside that goes left and right good for turns and one left on the inside that trows some barrels on the lower tides. Very easy wave but the peaks are very shifty.

An a-frame, sometimes called a split peak, is a wave that peaks and then breaks left and right simultaneously. When you’re out in the water, the wave will appear with a peak that has an equal slope in both directions like an “A.” Hence, the name. it’s a fat wave good for turns that ends in the channel, the left is better, hollower and can trow some good barrels on the inside at lower tides ending in the channel.

If you’re surfing at an a-frame break and you paddle from the peak, you can choose whether to go right or left. Just make sure that if there’s another surfer on the peak you tell them which way you’re going. And if you want to be nice, don’t go in their direction so that you can go opposite directions and both get a ride—which is called splitting the peak.

A-frames waves are in contrast to “left” and “right” waves which only have a slope on the left or right. Can form on all three types of surf breaks: sandy-bottomed beach breaks, reef breaks, and point breaks. 

Recommended board is Shortboard or Fishboard good for turns. With the outgoing tide its easy to loose position, keep paddling to be on the right place. Surprise sets come out of nowhere and provide good barrels on the inside!

Source: www.surftoolkit.com