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Fishing in Mentawai With Gypsy Laut Boat  Charter

Fishing as a sport in the Mentawais is still in its infancy though indications of its potential can be seen in the types of fish caught by surf charter operators over the last few years. These fish include the common pelagic such as Spanish Mackerel, Tuna and Wahoo. More exotic species such as Sailfish and Marlin have been caught recently trolling in the Sipora channel. Other fish commonly caught close by are Golden Trevally and Coral Trout. 

The zone around ‘Setan Island’, North Sipora, is possibly the most abundant fishing ground in the Mentawais. Another spot populated with schools of tuna and the giant GT is a secret spot close to the Lances Right area. Onboard the Gypsy Laut trolling rigs are available for guests to use. We also have a range of spinning rods for your use. Of course you are more than welcome to bring your own gear.

Spearfishing is allowed in limited areas for free divers only. The Mentawais has been featured as a spearfishing destination on several Hawaiian dive magazine articles.

We always aim to implement a ‘catch what we eat’ policy and we are more than happy to have our chefs prepare your catch cooked in the style you like.